“[Emma’s] problem solving skills and leadership proved to meet every one of these challenges as evidenced by client satisfaction as well as my own.”

Jane Lanouette, Senior Vice President, Publicity & Promotions, Allied Integrated Marketing

“In the time that I have known Emma, she has proven herself to be an extremely enthusiastic and a reliable employee.  She has demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks even in stressful situations. Emma has been an asset to the staff both professionally and personally.  She has a positive attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.  

“Emma has shown apptitude in marketing through her creativity and strong writing abilities. […] Emma is a hard worker that gives 100% to the task at hand. She’s thoughtful in everything she does and has been a pleasure to work with.”

~Phyllis Mercurio, Senior Publicist, Allied Integrated Marketing

“Emma is a commensurate pro and a talented woman whom I would recommend without reservation for any job or educational position for which she applies.”

~Brian Callaghan, Director of Marketing, Worldwide Cinema, RealD, Inc.

“[Emma has] creative and intelligent ideas and her ability to follow through on those ideas to bring the promotions to completion made us both look like super stars to our clients!”

~Michelle Maguire, Director of Marketing & Promotions, Citadel Communications, Lite Rock 105

“Emma, I want to thank you for the truly incredible job you did on Annie!  Your non-traditional outreach, recapped here, is amazing… especially in a market like Boston. […] It was a pleasure working with you.”

~Anne Dailey Meyer, Publicist, Allied LIVE




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