Emma Dickinson is an MBA student at University of Nebraska and a promotions pro with over 5 years experience on the agency side of the marketing biz.  High profile clients include Universal Studios & Walt Disney Studios. 

Strategy and branding on a global level are what I love. Problem solving is what I do.  I left my agency and went back to school full time so I could learn more about the international business world and how to turn my experience executing awesome campaigns into brand strategy expertise.  I love to travel, explore and be outdoors. My curiosity for other cultures is behind my desire to relate with consumers on a global level.

My background is in film, but that’s not where it ends.  My passion is for the consumer experience.  The connection between product and person; what builds brands and why their customers love them.  For me it’s all about the experience, how a product can make a person’s life fuller through memories, triumph and happiness.  This is where I find the link between a consumer’s motivation and their behavior.  I am driven to understand how a consumer thinks and leverage that knowledge for my employer.

I solve problems with determination and don’t like to do things like everyone else. I have to make it unique.  Something might inspire me, but I always find a way to make it fresh, new and my own.

In this blog, you’ll find some ways that I went outside of box – breaking free of standards and making campaigns more creative – along with some new brand design initiatives for my assistantship.

Note: I am a dual citizen of Ireland and the U.S. and eligible to work in the EU.

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