Campaign: #HowDoYouChobani for a Healthy Lifestyle

Integrated Marketing Campaign: #HowDoYouChobani for a Healthy Lifestyle

January, 2014

Concept & Design by Emma Dickinson

This campaign was developed for class presentation as part of training for the National Sports Forum case cup competition. Note: KFC did a similar campaign months later, though I feel it is not as effective for their product.


“Chobani” doesn’t have to be a noun. There are so many ways to enjoy Chobani actively, so why not make it a verb? #HowDoYouChobani asks consumers how they use Chobani as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Do they use it as a pre-workout fuel up? A filling mid-day snack? In smoothies, with granola, or on top of their waffles? In recipes? We wanted to know how consumers make Chobani a part of their every day. We recommended that Chobani utilize it’s partnership with the US Olympic Team to share How They Chobani with tips on great ways to incorporate Chobani into daily life as well as health benefits and interesting facts, engaging consumers to let the company know some of the incredible ways they Chobani Download the full presentation deck here: Chobani Deck


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