Universal’s BRIDESMAIDS – Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign: Universal’s BRIDESMAIDS Theatrical Release

May, 2011

Concept & Copy by Emma Dickinson

Artwork by Allied Integrated Marketing Staff

The BRIDESMAIDS early word-of-mouth campaign featured “SAVE THE DATE” postcards so I took the promotional campaign one step further, designing the concept as if the ads were wedding invitations.  I wrote the copy as wording that would be placed on a traditional invitation, stating “The pleasure of your company is requested,” and fully writing out dates. These ads promoted our advanced screening, inviting attendees to dress in “Bridesmaids Glamorous Attire”, wearing their best (or worst) bridesmaids dresses for a complimentary makeup consultation with a local spa. They also included a prizing element of a gift card to La Dolce Vita Salon & Spa in Boston, MA.

The ad for the Boston Globe also include a cross-promotion with The Improv Asylum, plugging the comedy club’s newest show, “All the Single Ladies”.




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