ANNIE Live Theater Production – AlliedLIVE – Press Event

Publicity Coverage: ANNIE Live Stage Production

March, 2008

Coverage in Boston Globe, Names Column; Boston Herald, Inside Track Column; Boston Metro

AlliedLIVE was a fledgling project for Allied Integrated Marketing, live theater being a new venture for the company.  Annie was the first AlliedLIVE project Boston worked on and my first solo project; it was a huge success. The promotion schedule ran the month of March and during that time I targeted dozens of events, set up partnerships and established enter-to-win opportunities for tickets with organizations, restaurants and retail.

This campaign was intended solely for promotional outreach. However, my customized promotion with the Animal Rescue League of Boston quickly led to an opportunity for media coverage as well.  The dog playing Sandy in the production was a rescue dog, as has every dog that has ever played Sandy in a major production of Annie. This was a great angle for the ARLB, so we arranged an exhibition of dog training skills with Sandy, his trainer, and several schools near the Rescue League. Students from around Boston attended the event, where they got to meet Sandy and learn about the training techniques used on stage.  Media was invited to attend and the event received coverage in all three major print publications in Boston – the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Boston Metro.

In light of this incredibly successful campaign, the lead coordinator for this project had the following to say:

“Emma, I want to thank you for the truly incredible job you did on Annie!  Your non-traditional outreach, recapped here, is amazing … especially in a market like Boston. “

She also sent a letter to my director complementing my work.


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